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Buck Stove Model ZC74 Wood Stove Insert


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Product Overview

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful Heating:The ZC74 boasts a high BTU rating of 52,400, efficiently warming spaces up to 2,600 sq. ft.
  • Ideal for Large Homes: Tailored for spacious living, making it perfect for large homes.
  • Versatile Heating Range: With a range of 1500 - 2,600 sq. ft., it caters to various home sizes.
  • Efficient Output: Produces 13,300 - 52,400 BTUs per hour, ensuring a consistently warm environment.
  • Built-in Blower: Features a built-in blower for even heat circulation and enhanced efficiency.
  • Easy Ignition:The push-button igniter simplifies the lighting process for user convenience.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: EPA-certified, the 74ZC is environmentally friendly, meeting the highest standards.
Discover the epitome of warmth with the Buck Wood Stove Model 74ZC – designed for large homes. Boasting a powerful BTU rating of 52,400 and a versatile heating range of 1500 - 2,600 sq. ft., this stove delivers efficient warmth. The built-in blower ensures even heat distribution, and the push-button igniter simplifies lighting. EPA-certified for eco-friendliness, it's the top-quality choice to keep your home cozy all winter.

Key Specifications:

Capacity (cu ft):
Efficiency (%):
Blower (Y/N):
Maximum Burn Time:
Flue Size:
Dimensions (L x W x H):
34.75-in x 24.75-in. x 37.5-in.
Freestanding Clearance to Combustibles:
Emissions (G/H):
Output (BTU/hr):
Firewood Length (in):
16 ″ (Front to Back) 22″ (Side to Side)
Approved for mobile home:
629 lbs

Model 74ZC Manual

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Legal disclaimers and warnings

Product packaging, owners' manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information that what is shown on our website.  The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product.  

Warning for California residents: Combustion byproducts produced when using this product include chemicals known to the State of California to harm health.  For more information go to:

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