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Osburn Inspire 2000 Wood Stove Insert

BY Osburn

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Product Overview

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unmatched Modernism: The Inspire 2000 wood insert adds unparalleled modern flair to your decor.
  • Functional Comfort:Perfectly blends functionality and comfort for a cozy living space.
  • Timeless Style: Impeccable lines ensure a timeless aesthetic with reliability and durability.
  • Optimal Performance: Boasts an impressive 77% to 79% optimal performance for efficient heating.
  • Low Emissions: NIGHT LIGHT™ system for ambient effect.
  • Unique Flames: Features a high-performance combustion system for superior wood heating.
  • Sustainable Commitment: Frameless for a sleek integration into the wall
The Inspire 2000 wood insert not only enhances your decor with unmatched modernism but also delivers functional comfort. Impeccable lines define timeless style while guaranteeing reliability and durability. Whether you seek a broad view of flames during a romantic evening or impressive heat in cold weather, the Inspire charms with its 79% optimal performance. With a low particle emission rate of 2.3 g/h and a high-performance combustion system, this insert satisfies environmentalists. The Inspire Collection symbolizes a commitment to sustainability, making it a dream opportunity for those embracing the latest decor trends.

Key Specifications:

Capacity (cu ft):
Efficiency (%):
72 % (HHV) / 77 % (LHV)
Blower (Y/N):
Yes - 176 CFM
Maximum Burn Time:
14,200 BTU/h (4.16 kW) to 44,500 BTU/h (13.04 kW)
Dimensions (L x W x H):
28.5-in x 20.75-in. x 24-in.
Emissions (G/H):
High-efficiency Certified (Y/N):
Yes, EPA 2020 approved
Approved for mobile home:
420 lbs

Osburn Inspire 2000 Manual

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Legal disclaimers and warnings

Product packaging, owners' manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information that what is shown on our website.  The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product.  

Warning for California residents: Combustion byproducts produced when using this product include chemicals known to the State of California to harm health.  For more information go to:

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